Promoviendo el acceso justo a la producción académica

Desde ReSJALC queremos difundir y felicitar la iniciativa de la editorial Counterpress de promover un acceso más igualitario a la producción de conocimiento académico. La propuesta se basa en permitir bajos costos en la descarga del material y la opción ‘acceso justo’ para que, quienes no puedan pagar, puedan acceder al libro digital.

Presentamos el primer libro de esta editorial:


Being Social brings together leading and emerging scholars on the question of sociality in poststructuralist thought. The essays collected in this volume examine a sense of the social which resists final determination and closure, embracing an anxiety and undecidability of sociality, rather than effacing it. Through issues including queer politics, migration, and Guantanamo, recent events such as the occupation of Gezi Park in Istanbul, and theoretical explorations of themes such as writing, law, and democracy, contributors assess how a reconfigured sociality affects thinking and practice in the legal and political realms. With a particular emphasis on Jean-Luc Nancy, whose work brings questions of community to the fore, these essays explore how the consistent ‘unworking’ of sociality informs the tenor and form of political debate and engagement.

An e-book (PDF) of Being Social is available for download under creative commons licence (see terms and conditions below). Please support this initiative by paying what you can. The minimum payment the system can accept is 1.00 GBP (approximately 1.50 USD / 1.40 EUR). Any currency conversion is viewable before final payment. Once you have paid, you should receive the link within a few minutes. If you do not,  please check your spam folder. Finally, if you are unable to pay, please use the ‘fair access’ option below.

Para mayor información:


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