Centre for Law and Culture-Call for papers

Centre for Law and Culture St Mary’s University, Twickenham 5th-6th September 2016 Law and Culture Conference 2016 ‘(In)visibility’

Call for papers

What does it mean to be seen? What does it mean to see? What can and cannot, should and should not, be visible? What are the limits of legal sight, and what lies beyond? What can academic and critical study make visible to law? Can (in)visibility produce (in)justice? The Law and Culture Conference 2016 aims stimulate a wide ranging and in-depth discussion on the tensions, significance, implications and critical dimensions of the open theme of ‘(In)visibility’.

Indicative concerns include:

· political and legal visibility/invisibility, including critical gender and race studies, the legal and cultural responses to current migration crises, the protection and rights of minorities

· the visible/unseen dimensions of law and its institution, including legal aesthetics, law and visuality

· law’s regulation of visibility, including law and art, the regulation of culture, illegitimate images

· law’s (in)visibility within culture, including popular culture, film, comics, literature and television

· legal history, including seen/unseen histories,

· ‘hidden victims’ in criminal and other contexts

· visible and hidden voices in the legal academy

Please submit abstracts (250 words), plus 3 keywords and a short biography (50 words), via email by 30 April 2016. Papers will be 20 minutes in length, with additional time for questions.

For more information, visit http://www.stmarys.ac.uk/law-and-culture

Location: St Mary’s University, Twickenham, London TW1 4SX (www.stmarys.ac.uk/contact/location-maps.htm).

For information and submissions, please contact: Thomas Giddens thomas.giddens@stmarys.ac.uk


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