Special Issue Call for Papers Reconciling Research: Perspectives on Research Involving Indigenous Peoples

indigenousThe practice of seeking out answers to questions about ourselves, others, and the world around us is common to all human cultures. But the questions we ask, who is seen as having the authority to produce answers, and what are “legitimate” ways of answering are uniquely encoded within the culture and its dominant worldview. As a result, there are fundamental differences in the way in which knowledge is constructed under Western and Indigenous paradigms. Researchers who work with Indigenous peoples or on Indigenous issues face numerous challenges in engaging with these paradigms and translating them into methodology. The outcome of these discussions, deliberations, and decisions will ultimately shape the extent to which research enlightens, particularly with respect to policy (…)

This special issue explores issues and perspectives related to research involving Indigenous peoples. Questions include but are not limited to:

    • What are the key epistemological and methodological issues raised by research involving Indigenous peoples? How can researchers successfully address these issues in their research?
    • Can Western science and Indigenous ways of knowing be bridged? Should they be?
    • What are Indigenous methodologies and how do they add to the production of knowledge?
    • How can we work toward ending methodological discrimination in order to give Indigenous methodologies equal standing in the production of knowledge?
    • What are the dilemmas and barriers that researchers face in undertaking research involving Indigenous peoples? How do we effect meaningful change related to the culture and practice of research?
    • What are the ethical issues raised in research involving Indigenous peoples? What is needed to protect the rights of Indigenous peoples?
    • How can these epistemological, methodological, and ethical issues be incorporated into the practice of research?
    • What is needed in order to establish genuine, equal, and mutually beneficial research partnerships with Indigenous people or communities?
    • What can Indigenous peoples and communities do to safeguard their rights, their knowledge, and their ways of knowing in research?
    • How do we translate research into real world benefits for Indigenous peoples?
    • What do policy makers need from research in order to make sound policy decisions?

The deadline for submissions is October 28, 2016

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