CfP – “Critical Feminist Exits, Re-Routings, and Institutional Betrayals in Academia”

The call for papers is open for the special issue of Feminist Formations “Critical Feminist Exits, Re-Routings, and Institutional Betrayals in Academia”.

While universities often identify diversity as an important concern and goal, the neo-liberalization of academic contexts has in many ways fostered the entrenchment and rearticulation of hegemonic racial and gendered ideologies and practices. As a result, critical scholars often face institutional environments that are hostile and/or unresponsive to their concerns and perspectives, and broadly speaking, to issues critical to women, LGBITQ people, people of color, and other marginalized groups. Scholars who experience discrimination, bullying, harassment, and/or hostile work environments may find themselves relocated, either by “choice” or as an outcome of administrative processes.

This special issue focuses on the politics of the movement of critical feminist scholars—those who routinely challenge racialized, gendered, ableist, heteronormative or homophobic, and/or first-worldist scripts within their fields or departments, through their embodied presence and their substantive work. We invite manuscripts that map out and examine scholars’ movements within, across, and out of academic institutions. Of interest also are analyses of how administrators and academic institutions initiate, negotiate, and/or respond to moves and exits by critical scholars. We seek thoughtful examination of institutional failures to support critical feminist scholars, analysis of the consequences of such failures, as well as discussion of administrative responses that embrace and support critical feminist scholars and their work, as a way to identify transformative possibilities.

The fact that critical feminist scholars move within, across (and sometimes out of) academic institutions is not new. It is also not unique, as scholars whose work is not particularly feminist or critical move and exit academic units and institutions routinely. The premise that motivates this special issue, however, is that there are particular institutional and structural constraints and conditions which impel the moves and exits of critical scholars, especially of those who occupy marginalized social locations through their embodiment of non-dominant ethnoracial and gendered characteristics, identities, and histories. Also, the consequences of moves and exits are likely to be different for critical scholars from marginalized social locations than for “mainstream” scholars occupying dominant social locations. For example, given dominant ideologies of gender, sexuality, and race in academic contexts, the actions and rationales of scholars from marginalized social locations are likely to be coded or interpreted negatively, and even dismissed, with repercussions for the racialized and gendered academic enterprise of knowledge production.

Manuscripts must be submitted by February 15, 2018.

Further information can be found here.

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