2018 Critical Legal Conference – Call for streams

logo20ouThe call for streams to the  2018 Critical Legal Conference hosted by the Open University Law School is open until 7th March 2018, within the theme of “regeneration”. Proposals should contain the title of the stream, the names and contact details of the convenor(s), and a short outline of the stream that does not exceed 500 words. They should be send to OULS-CLC2018@open.ac.uk.

Drawing inspiration from the visions, strategies and conflicts that engendered the creation of Milton Keynes and The Open University at the end of the 1960s, and reflecting on recent conference themes at Kent and Warwick, CLC 2018 will consider the theme of regeneration. In all instances of regeneration are tensions between new and existing visions and strategies, and the laws, regulations and forms of standardisation that seek to govern the pace and nature of regeneration in a given space and time. Equally there can often be a lack of legal attention and intervention where sometimes it is needed or demanded, as well as forms of de-regulation that actively seek to attenuate the role and authority of law in favour of, for example, a desire for innovation. Within the general theme of regeneration we propose the following as illustrative of what may be considered or included:
* Technology and law’s regeneration
* Teaching legal education critically in the neoliberal age
* Hope, belonging, futurity and other ideologies of regeneration
* Cultures of gentrification and community marginalization
* (Re)imagining law, justice and the political in extra-terrestrial colonisation
* Loss, memory, and post-traumatic growth
* Radical urbanism and brutal culture
* A psychoanalytic politics of preservation
* Regenerative possibilities in the Anthropocene

Further details of the conference, including registration, accommodation and travel, can be found here.


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