CfP: Art/Law Issue 1 (Practice & Process)


The first issue of the Art/Law Journal encourages submissions to consider understandings of practice and process very broadly defined. We are looking for submissions on questions relating to process and practice in the interweavings between art, law and political activism.

Both art and law are placed within a disciplining of practicing, each requiring ‘practitioners’ and the production of processual and practical intuition as part of their calling. What does it mean to be a practitioner? The word itself instils something that is unfinished, and yet there is an authority and legitimacy that at once asserts we have a ‘practice’. Are practices and processes the same thing?

Please send to Expressions of interest for this call to be sent by 31 October 2019.

Photo: Pickering, A. (2009, February 1). Figure 2. The homeostat: (a) Four interconnected homeostats. (b) Detail. Retrieved 18 July 2019, from ResearchGate website: